The word SUSTAINABLE means something different to everyone. It can be everything from completely living off the grid - to remembering your reusable shopping bag. 


It’s easy to get bogged down in the big picture stuff, and feel overwhelmed, powerless and insignificant regarding what impact YOU can have. The idea behind this podcast is to help YOU become more aware of what YOU do in your everyday life. That in the long run, YOU can make a significant difference to the impact YOU have on the environment.


We teach YOU practical and easy ways to become more SUSTAINABLE, and empowering YOU to take ownership of your impact and that of your community.

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Jacqui is a mum of two young boys, one dog and two chickens (at the moment!). She studied Early Childhood Education and worked in the industry managing childcare centres for nearly 20 years. She has always had an appetite for education, healthy and sustainable living since she was young. She’s a self-proclaimed Urban Hippy who’s a little bit frugal, grows her own fruit and veggies. She’s a DIY queen and is passionate about educating people on how to create greener homes and workplaces in order to reduce our carbon footprint and help slow down the impact of climate change.

Lisa is a mum of three kids, two dogs and six chickens! She is the Assistant Program Manager at Climate for Change, where she helps create the social climate in Australia for effective action on climate change - and has spent the past several years working in her family business! She sews for Boomerang Bags, and is passionate about teaching others about the effects of climate change and the ways they can improve their personal impacts and those of their community.

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