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DIY Dishwashing Powder

Why make your own dishwashing powder when you can easily buy this from the supermarket? Firstly I like to know what’s in my products, for personal health (aka toxic load) and for our ecosystem health. A lot of products on the supermarket shelves are green washed and because the companies that make these cleaning products don't really need to list the ingredients, its extremely hard to trust this products.

Secondly its super easy to make and I love the fact that if I run out, I can whip up some more in seconds plus its way cheaper.


🌱2 cups bi carb powder 🌱2 cups lectric soda 🌱1 cup table salt 🌱1/2 cup citric acid 🌱40 drop essential oils (Lemon, Tea Tree or Wild Orange)

Mix all of the dry ingredients in a food processor and blend. While its blending add the Essential Oils.

Add about a 1 tablespoon to each load.

Here's a little video of how I make it, just in case you are better visually.

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